Donna Halloran is not a company or a workshop; she's simply one remarkable woman on a mission to bring people gorgeous textiles where the workers and artisans are treated fairly, and the fabric is beyond magical. I know that "magical" may sound a wee bit nuts, but you've got to remember who's talking/ writing here. I. Love. Textiles. Period. Full stop. And when I discovered Donna and her Fabricadabra, I nearly fell off my chair.  I spent a very long time agonizing over which pillows to showcase out of the hundreds she offers; the ikats are especially stunning.  And the best part (well, one of them...) is that most of the fabrics you see comprising the pillows are available by the yard as well.  Brilliant.  I'm also proud to say that Donna will soon be Urban Flea's newest sponsor, and I couldn't be more honored to have her on the docket.  Please go to the website, I promise you'll be completely bowled over.  Pillow heaven.  Nothing better.


Tonia of Chic Modern Vintage said...

Yes, I stopped by her site. Wonderful Wonderful stuff. Such simple fabulousness

Katherine Lee said...

isn't it? i literally spent over an hour trying to decide which pillows to feature! glad you like them, and thank you so much for the sweet comments as always!

xo the flea :)

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