ted larson and lance letscher at eightmodern

One of my favorite galleries at NEXT (I know I keep saying that, but I really do mean it...) is EightModern.  Two artists they represent really popped out to me.  Ted Larsen and Lance Letscher.  Ted Larsen's works mostly with metal and wood, and creates some uber-intriguing objects that sucked this little flea in immediately.  Lance Letscher works also with raw materials, creating fantastical collages that I think, would make brilliant wallcoverings... don't you?  Make sure to swing by EightModern's website to check out some of the other artists they represent... love.


Baby Steps, 2009

Flared, 2008

Lego, 2007

Vandal, 2007

Little Flag or Something, 2010

Ice Boxes, 2010


Combine, 2010

Henhouse Drama, 2009

Idea for Tower #1, 2010

Idea for Tower #2, 2010

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