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Last week, I had the honor of attending the School of the Art Institute's annual Nightwalk 2010, featuring the innovative designs of their uber-talented students. It was at the brand-spanking new Modern Wing of the Art Institute, and if you haven't been you MUST go. It's a spare, graceful and perfect space, with just the right amount of emptiness. Here's the space before the transformation for the show:

And now... here's what they transformed it into... amazing.

And I was shocked to find I had a front row seat! I'm the short-haired glittery lady in the vintage gold Herve Leger (my treasure...) By the way, that big ol' dress whacked me in the knee.

I had a few favorite pieces, the odder the better in my opinion. I love that students are given the chance to experiment, so they tend to go all out, which I'm all for.

Senior Luis A. Rodriguez , the very worthy recipient of the Perry Ellis Award, was inspired by "gender dysphoria," and those masks were something else.  They responded to heat, so as the models breathed, the black changed and shifted.  It was unbelievable, truly.  And I totally want those shoes.  And the skirt.  And the jacket.  Le sigh.

Senior Katie King made the most delightful airy pieces inspired by safari souvenirs... I love the chartreuse, and the heavier knits combined with the billowy chiffon. Brilliant.

2010 BFA recipient Rachel Goldberg totally captured my imagination. I'm obsessed with Marie Antoinette, so of course this is a natural favorite for me. It's pure glamour and excess; the eyepatch with the baroque and a wee bit of punk really made me weak in the knees. She was also the winner of the Sage Foundation Fashion Scholarship, and I would say there couldn't be a more deserving recipient!

And now it's time to be a bit vain: here's me in the photo area in my vintage Leger and $20 shoes. It's all about the high and the low, all about mixing it up, don't you think?

Another moment of exposure and a wee bit of vanity, but also a shout out to a true Chicago-innovator. The lovely dapper gentleman next to me is the owner of the fabulous boutique Bonnie and Clyde's, Stephen Naparstek

image via. tyler of darkroom demons (check him out, he truly rocks...)

It was a magical crazy-inspirational night, and if you're looking for an art/fashion school in Chicago, definitely look no further than the School of the Art Institute; if this post doesn't convince you, I'm not quite sure what will!

all other images courtesy of saic and james prinz photography

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