more love to shelley and stephen of gallerie montmartre

The other day, I did a post on the amazing and new favorite blog Femme de Montmartre.  This Australian-based dynamic duo also owns the vintage poster shop (well, really more than a shop...) Gallerie Montmartre.  When I found out the other lovely and quite prolific blog The Design Files had done a feature on their home, I just couldn't resist.  Their home combines the Urban and the Flea in its true sense (in my sense anyhow).  I love everything about the home; the vintage radios, the quirky little treasures, combined with modern furniture and overstuffed club chairs.  Perfect.  So, dear readers, scroll on and I hope you enjoy their home as much as I do!

all images via. the design files


jules @ The Diversion Project said...

Shelley is a dead set lovely chick, and her home is too fab for words! great choice for a feature post, love it. julesx

Carole said...

Love it! Especially that first image. Such a lovely combination of textures and colours. x

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