kyle bunting i love you

First, I fell for the colorful hide-covered ottomans. Then I found out there was more furniture involved. Then I found out there were rugs and wallcoverings and on and on and on... and how on earth have I not heard of this Kyle Bunting fellow?  I'm grieving for the period of time I've missed out on his compeletely innovative work with hide; it's not difficult to see where his aesthetic genius lies.  I think I might need everything listed below and then some... uff da.


infectious decoritis said...

Incredible find! I love it all! Time to reciprocate. Since I am biting your style and I suspect this will not be the last time that I borrow from you, I am giving it the reusable title- FLEA BITE.




Katherine Lee said...

haahah! i love it! flea bite! rawr.

xo the flea ;)

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