jay shinn woodcuts at manneken press

One of my big, high-fallutin' dreams (the practical application I know nothing about of course...) is to find visual artists who are willing to translate their visual work onto textiles and wallpaper and make it happen. When I stopped by the booth of the wonderful Manneken Press at the NEXT art fair, I was stopped in my tracks by the incredible and geometric woodcuts of artist Jay Shinn. I could instantly see them translating into the aforementioned mediums and being unbelievably arresting in a home. Make sure you stop by Jay's website to check out his work in other mediums, and also stop by Manneken Press to explore some of the other brilliant artists they represent.
Wood Drip III, 2007

Victory-X1, 2009

Square Cubex, 2009

Extruded Element, 2009

all images copyrighted by jay shinn

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Tonia w/ Chic Modern Vintage said...

OOOOooooOOO. I these are awesome. I'm wondering if the price is wallet friendly?

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