andres basurto at antena estudio

I'm completely obsessed with these two pieces by Mexico City-based artist Andres Basurto at the NEXT booth of gallery Antena Estudio.  How brilliant are these mirrors?  I want to totally plaster an entryway wall will these... I literally just stood and stared at them until I snapped out of the awe.  The second piece are actually baroque-style frames made entirely out of paint.  How she did it, I have no idea.  By the way, Andres was there, and besides there being such a tiny-language barrier we had such a lovely conversation.  She truly rocks.  Check out their website for more.


Carole said...

Love the mirrors Katherine. They would look amazing on my stairs at home!

Katherine Lee said...

thanks so much for the comment carole, so glad you like them too!

xo the flea :)

one sydney road said...

WOW - those mirrors are too fantastic. LOVE IT!!

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