beth lipman at cade tompkins editions

There were certainly many booths at NEXT that drew me in, but after three days of walking through the shows, I kept thinking about the space of Cade Tompkins, and the dreamy and completely unbelieveable work of artist Beth Lipman.  Cade has been around in the art world for quite awhile, and is so gracious and passionate about what she does.  Beth Lipman is really more than a glass artist, she creates incredible installations centered around her glasswork; each piece is individually a work of art in and of itself, but as you can see, when they're grouped together, something magical happens.  Make sure to check out Cade's website for a truly remarkable collection of represented artists... lots of inspiration to be found, you have the flea's promise!


Francine Gardner said...

These are fabulous glass installations!! Wished i were there to see.

Katherine Lee said...

aren't those incredible, and she couldn't be a nicer person as well. i'm truly obsessed. glad you like them too!

xo the flea :)

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