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What a marathon!  The brilliant Artropolis/ NEXT show at Chicago's Merchandise Mart took me a full three days to rifle and crawl (sometimes on my hands and knees...) through, but it was so worth it.  Various highlights will be coming throughout the week, but for now, here are some general impressions and favorite pieces for you to sample... stay tuned for some more specific artist/ gallery shout outs and a new Urban Flea feature...

I really like this etched gold mirror. I really don't like that you can see me in it. Oh well. Despite this foible, keep scrolling, I promise you'll find more you'll enjoy.

Yep, that's me, the flea again, with the always dashing artist Brian Leo.  He was even kind enough to sign an original piece of art that I quite love... it's an image of a cat having a bit of fun with a handi-vac... well... you get the idea.  Thanks Brian!

I love this serene face that flanked the "Blob Monster." It made me smile. I like when art does that.
AHHHH!!! This is literally what greeted everyone out front. Toni Tasset's massive Blob Monster. There was literally a line for pictures. He's kind of growing on me though, maybe just a little misunderstood?

Ahh... the artist at work. Although I don't think he was too happy I was causing an interuption. Oops.

How much fun would this be? Pure, unadulterated joy. Of course, if that were my kid, they'd be in big trouble... mostly for figuring out how to get a mattress on the ceiling.

This needs to be somewhere in the vicinity of my home, stat. The chandelier is non-negotioble. And I mean business here.

This reminds me of an updated ancient Chinese painting... and I adore it. If only I had "X" amount of dollars... le sigh.

I was immediately drawn to the form and color, then when I realized it was painted over photos of chairs, I was even more enamored.

Can you tell I have a thing for collections? Can you?

A perfect little collection if you ask me. I love those vintag-ey frames.

I'm not sure why I like it, I just do. Nuff said.

Me too...

I love how true this is... don't you think? Replace "decorator" and "design dominator" and it's certainly my truth.

I'm both intrigued and repelled... I was kind of freaked out to get close enough to get a proper (definition is up to you) photo. I might get caught!

Believe it or not, these are made from wrapped up and painted detergent bottles; abstractus indeed.

A tray of gilded junk food... not sure what I'd do with it, but I'm sure it could find a spot somewhere in my home, right? Right guys?

A chandelier made out of old glasses! Someone stole my idea... you'll see what I mean in a few months, if you keep following the flea that is.
Erika Rothenburg Another Century of Progress

Cheryl Ekstrom's Eames Lounger and Ottoman made from SOLID CAST STAINLESS STEEL, (I know!  not comfy, but, hey, I'd rock it!).   It's part of a series titled Stable Inhabitants of a Changing World, pretty good description of Eame's staying power, don't you think? Want more?  Check out Patrajdas Gallery.   They are nothing short of fabulous in their curation.  Also make sure to check out Cheryl's website for more great work.


Carole said...

Glad to see you're wearing flats Katherine. Would love to see the cat picture. Please show.

The Townhouselady said...

Hmmm...I dated a Joe Leo back in the day.

So many great pieces but my favorite is your necklace. Beautiful.

Scott said...

Thanks sooo much for including (& loving on) Cheryl Ekstrom's Eames Lounge & Ottoman.. but a small correction if I may: it's solid cast stainless steel, and part of a series of sculptural works called "Stable Inhabitants of a Changing World", More can be seen here: http://www.patrajdas.com/artists/EkstromC/ekstrom.html
Thanks tons!

Katherine Lee said...

gotcha scott, and i will make that correction ASAP. thanks!

xo the flea :)

cheryl ekstrom said...

Thanks for the kind words Flea. And for the cool photo. Yes, I think Scott & Amy from Patrajdas do a great job for me. I like how they edit. Class act.

I have added Urban Flea to MY favorites -- and i'll visit it often.

Cheryl Ekstrom

Katherine Lee said...

thanks so much cheryl, it was my pleasure and honor to feature your work. the more you spread the word the better, we'll all help each other out! please do stay in touch, and thanks so much for the kind words, they really do make my day!

xo the flea :)

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