technical difficulties

I'm so sorry I've been not posting as of late, my computer is on the down and out, and it's being repaired (hopefully!) But regardless, it will all be smoothed out soon, and I'll be able to bring you back all the Urban Flea goodiness that you've been missing! I love you all, my little flea-followers, and can't wait to be back with you soon! MWAH!

Urban Flea :)


Kristin said...

Hope to see you back soon lady!

Gabrielle said...

love your blog, hope you're back soon!

x quirkybird

ashlina said...

hurry back. i miss you.

alli/hooray said...

good luck sorting out your computer issues!

Frank said...

I love technology but I've found that sometimes it does not love you back :(
Hopefully it will come around again. Till then, your great posts will be missed.

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