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If you haven't already checked out the fabulous and goody-inundated blog Dear Designer's, then you're missing out. The lovely Carole been so kind to me, and has listed this little ol' Flea as one of her top ten favorite design blogs. Now it's my turn to pass on the design blog love. Here's how it goes:

1. List 10 things that make you happy
2. Pass the award on to 10 bloggers you admire
3. Link to and thank the giver of the award and spread the love!
4. And of course, notify the recipients of their little shout out.

Alot makes me happy, so this is a tricky one, but I'll do my best to reign it in:

1. I'll copy Carole a bit and say my best/ boyfriend who puts up with my design-driven rantings and ravings.
2. Glossy white paint, on floors, walls, you name it, I'm a happy camper.
3. Gold-leafing; I can't explain it, it's becoming a bit of a problem lately, I may be turning into a bit of a Midas...
4. Blogging blogging blogging... it's truly my creative outlet and has given me so much in return.
5. Working with my hands; I'm a very tactile person, so sculpting, upholstering, painting, is really theraputic.
6. People that are nice without asking for anything in return.  You know, that zen-glow?  I like that.
7. Reading design magazines and ripping out pages.  I jave binders and binders FULL of inspiration.  I love flipping through them, it's like hanging out with old and much-loved buddies.
8. Sleeping in and afternoon naps.  Oh yes, I'm one; of those.
9. The Merchandise Mart here in Chicago.  One word: HEAVEN.  I could roam the many halls quite happily for days at a time.  They've got food and stuff, so I could just camp out in the Holly Hunt showroom and munch on some snacks.
10.  Fabric and wallpaper samples.  I collected a TON when I worked at Domino (RIP) and rifling through the stacks of boxes makes me all warm and fuzzy.  There's that tactile thing again!

10 Bloggers that Make My Heart All Aflutter:

1. Emma of the uber-cool swede powerhouse Emma's Design Blogg
2. Lucy of the impeccably edited and forever fascinating The Design Files
3. Jennifer of the inspiringly entreprenurial and diverse Made by Girl
4. Jeska of the super-charming and beautifully eclectic Lobster + Swan
5. The lovely and always candidly erudite Alison of Lipstick on Your Teeth
6. Jamie of the infinitely cheerful and always inspiring I Suwannee
7. Elisabeth of the wonderful Swedish blog Fine Little Day; I love her appreciation of those little everyday moments of beauty.
8. Anna of the awesome Door Sixteen. I seriously can't live without the constantly stylish perfection.
9. Gabrielle of the utterly charming and goody-packed Quirky Bird. And with a name like that, who can really resist?
10. The indominitable Kelly of the faboosh and totally singular Design Crisis. I truly can't live without her wonderfully entertaining and always enlightening posts. And their mascots are various creatures with a lovely classic desks and sofas tied to their little sweet head with satin ribbon. Perfection.

All right pick-ees, go right on ahead and pass on the design-blog love. Don't you love being part of this community? I know I certainly do. So get a move on peeps and spread the good design gospel.


erin@designcrisis said...

Hi lady, thanks so much for the shiny new award! We're honored to be in the company of so many other fabulous blogs!!!

Erin and Karly

Emom said...

Great lists! smiles.

Carole said...

Hi Katherine, love your list lots! Feel I know you better.
Thanks for the terrific write-up. Now I only have to live up to it!!

Katherine Lee said...

thanks so much my dear ladies, it's wonderful to be back!

xo your flea :)

Fine Little Day said...

Thank you so much Katherine :)!

emma ::emmas designblogg:: said...

Thank you so much for the award! I'm honored. :)

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