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Sometimes you come across someone that seems so familiar, and then, lo and behold, you find out they're connected to you through a former life, in my case Domino Magazine. Atlanta-based photostylist,producer, and uber-prop mistress Annette Joseph has the homey but chic look down to a tee, and her portfolio of work is just about as diverse as they come. I've provided a small sampling of her work below, but make sure you check out her website and fantastic blog for more updates and projects she's got going, including a book and television show. She's certainly an inspiration of mine, and I hope she quickly becomes one for you all too!

all images courtesy of Annette Joseph

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Anonymous said...

Annette is so gifted--I know because she styled our Tybee Island beach house, The Breeze Inn, for a story in the upcoming June issue of Better Homes & Gardens.

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