urban flea's first guest post!

I'm super-excited to introduce Urban Flea's first guest post! And it couldn't come from a better source; I'm honored to have design-powerhouse Nina Freudenberger of the divine Haus Interior and The Cultivated Home as my inaugural guest poster! I've long been a huge fan of her aesthetic and personal style, and I think you, dear readers, will be too. And now, ladies and gentlemen, I'm going to shut my big mouth and let you hear from the wonderful Nina herself:

My design aesthetic truly ranges based on the requirements of the project but is always formed with input from the client. Personally, I love to layer graphics and patterns and typically stay within a tonal range rather then using bright colors as accents. I am drawn to individual pieces that have a sense of history with simple, clean lines to define their function. I love to use natural materials juxtaposed with metals to create a tailored look and feel. My design philosophy is about staying true to the style of the client/individual and really listening to their needs to ensure that the final product is perfect for their lifestyle. I think it all comes down to creating a comfortable home that can grow and transition over time without sacrificing personal style.

Nina's Current Faves from Haus Interior:

1. Canvas Apron – this is great for the garden or the kitchen, perfect for the summer time.

2. Rope Mirror – this is a really unique piece with natural materials at a great price point.

3. Gold Lip Bowl – I love supporting local artists, these are made by a designer in Brooklyn. The tactile quality of this handmade piece is so beautiful.

Thank you so much Nina for your words of wisdom, and make sure you check out her NYC boutique Haus Interior and head on over to The Cultivated Home to sign up for her always enlightening newsletters!

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Emom said...

Thank you! smiles.

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