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And now, ladies and gentlemen, Urban Flea is proud to bring you her second weekly guide in the series, and this time, we'll focus on a natural interior staple: seating! Sofas, chairs, stools, you'll find a smattering of everything after the jump. Scroll on for some of my favorite pieces of all time...

High Back Yellow Side Chairs
These chairs are just plain fun. I'd love to have them in a dove-gray room as the stars of the show. They're just that spiffy. Oh how I love drama!

Cadillac Sofa
Classic, tufted, and comfy to boot. I love armless sofas, such clean lines and functionality. I love the dusty rose color as well, don't you?

Moroccan Wood Chairs
I love these cathedral-esque high backed chairs; I love pieces with a sense of high-drama, and these certainly fit the bill!

Baxter Club Chair
Are you in need of a nice pop of color? This chair from Jonathan Adler certainly fits the bill. I love this cocoon-like shape as well; you feel like you're getting a great design-ey kind of hug!

Pop Louis Chair
I've got to admit, I have a little timid streak of Victorian-goth in me, and this darkly lovely Louis Chair feeds that quiet bit of my aesthetic. I'd love to see it in a glossy white space where it would really shine and make a statement. What do you think guys?

Napoleon Chair
A more streamlined version of the Louis chair, this dining chair would look brilliant as a series surrounding a Saarinen tulip dining table, maybe with a marble top? Not the most comfortable piece, but who cares when it looks so good?

Nairobi Stool
Simple, rustic and a talking point, this stool, although fairly small, is brimming with character and history. I would love to have it tucked away in a corner at the ready for extra seating. Or I'd use it as a side table and stack some coffee table books on top. What would you do with this little guy?

Kent Armchair
I've always loved design with inherent contradiction, and these armchairs are in the uber-elegant and lauded Louis XIV style, but upholstered with a rough burlap stayed by nailheads. Such wonderful dining chairs, don't you think?

Amalfi Sofa
I love the highbrow elegance of this sofa, particularly the coco linen upholstery with just the right amount of luster. I'd feel like a queen lounging around on this treasure, but I'd definitely throw on a couple of starkly graphic pillows to give it all some pop.

Suit Chair
For some reason this neo-retro chair reminds me of the good old days when Sean Connery was James Bond. Sleek, sexy, and undoubtedly comfy, this chair would be a welcome addition to just about any room.

Marais Chair
I really like the raw tinniness of these outdoor/indoor chairs. I love the idea of bringing furniture traditionally put outdoors indoors. There's that contradiction again! Love it.

Hudson Side Chair
Originally designed for Ian Schrager's brilliant Hudson Hotel, this blingy beauty is just about at the top of my list. Can you say simple glamor. Go ahead, give it a whirl.

Eames Plywood Chair
A longtime venerated design icon, I couldn't leave this classic Eames piece out of the picture. Is it possible for a piece to be perfect? I think this comes pretty darn close. Comfortable too!

De La Espada Sofa
Yet another fairly Bondian piece, this sofa is the perfect smoky gray, and looks super-comfy, an important quality for optimum lounging and lolling. Lots of pillows? Check.

Simple Chair
Simple. Clean. Perfect. Enough said.


Carole said...

Katherine, you have great taste. I love them all.
Have a great weekend. Carole

autumn said...

lovely selection. i a totally with you on the hudson chair. it is gorgeous! i have been dying to get an eames plywood chair as well. i have no idea where i would put either one--and i would probably have to sell my car to get wither one of them, but i can dream, right?

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...


Lovely...the lot of them!

Jen of Made By Girl said...

These are all FAB...I really wish i had as set of four Napoleons....

Jen Ramos

ModFruGal said...

I use my marais knock-offs in the dining room and love them...I used them outdoors before and they still look good as new.

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