noon studio

I seem to be on a minimalist streak of late; perhaps driven by my desire to simplify my life and generally de-clutter my space and brain! So when I came across the work of Noon Studio, I was immediately taken with their pieces...

via. design traveler


C said...

I'm going through a minimalistic phase aswell (clean spaces, no more bright colors at the walls, giving away lots of stuff...) so these pieces would be perfect for my home!

Thanks for sharing sweetie!
and thanks for your usual lovely comments, you make my day!


Emom said...

Love the easel/light/easel....way cool...smiles.

casapinka said...

The simplicity is relaxing to just gaze at. Oh, I just loooove that orange dress at the top of your blog today!!! beautiful and happy.

urban flea said...

aren't their pieces so interesting? thanks so much for the comments as always ladies, keep em' coming!

xo urban flea

EmbodyingFashion said...

i adore minimalism and those pieces are so perfect. Now i have to check out Noon Studio and thank u for sharing :)

Hope Chella said...

These are pretty cool. The minimalist look of these can be calming and go with a modern style home or room.


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