feeding frenzy

Perhaps it's New York Fashion Week, perhaps it's watching Olympic figure skating with all its bangles and sparkles and spandex (oh my!). But I'm having some major cravings for a wardrobe-themed post.

Oh etsy, you always are lurking in the wings waiting to tempt me... check out these unbelievable necklaces by Giia. Did I mention I'm obsessed?

A recent discovery of mine, and a new staple, are these incredible screenprinted tights by French company Les Queues de Sardines. I'm really digging the tattooed legs look.


C said...

I loved the GIa store in Etsy!
I also posted about the red shoulder accessory! isnt the design fantastic?

have a nice week sweetie!


Carole said...

Not sure about the tights but am loving the necklaces, particularly the first one. Off to Krakow in March, brrr its going to be cold, could be just the thing to keep me warm yet stylish. x

Design Actually said...

Love the first necklace, what creative pieces!

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