Paris, je me manque! I miss Paris. And the lovely Derriere Restaurant makes me have the desire to go and visit all the more. It looks like a delightfully haphazard home, with delicious food to boot. I love the different rooms, some more homey than others, and the topsy-turvy slanted bookcases. Brilliant.


Hila said...

oh how I miss paris too!

Kristin said...

So brilliant and SO interesting!

C said...

I wanna come to Paris too!
so romantic!!!!
Love the restaurant!
Have a nice weekend sweetie!


Francine Gardner said...

This is a fabulous place! I had never heard of this restaurant/bar. Must try it next time I go to Paris...thanks, Francine

Lillian Chang said...

What? That's a restaurant?! What an insanely COOL idea!! :)
Thanks for sharing!! Love those places that have unique themes...:)

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