As I've said before, I'm currently imagining my dream home, furniture, accessories and all. Italian furniture company Corinto
makes uber-mod and super-sleek pieces that would fit in my little imaginary palace just perfectly. Scroll on for some of the flea's top picks...


UnoCosa said...

nothing can really beat the perfect minimalism!!! and your post always made me dream about that perfect home ;-)

btw; thanks for the so very kind words - it made my day!!!

have a wonderful weekend, xx

C said...

superb designs!
love the lines and the colors are fantastic!
thanks for sharing sweetie and have a lovely weekend!


Jill said...

I don't normally love platform beds...but this one is quite sexy!

Thanks for the birthday comments!

Kristin said...

Ummmmm, that bed will now haunt my dreams. SO gorgeous!!

one sydney road said...

Ooh, the wood topped coffee table is a must :)! Love the lines on it...so sleek and perfect. I think this would go very well in my dream place as well :)

Ellen said...

Visually loving it all, on the other hand, wonder what it feels like...I mean is it comfy? Still.....wonderful to look at! smiles.

autumn said...

ahh...aren't imaginary dream homes the best?!
no budget, no space constraints, no sacrificing.
i have three.
they are all fabulous.
have a fabulous end-of-the-weekend!

sarokkas said...

I never though of that... having an imaginary dream home!
I must work on that!! The white and black sofa that you show in this selection will definately be there!
And some Boca do Lobo pieces too. I looove their design!
I enjoyed your blog. I'll come back to see what you post next!

Katherine Lee said...

thank you all so so so much for your wonderful comments! they honestly make my day, so let's keep the conversation going! mwah!

xo urban flea :)

ashlina said...

wow. pretty great design. that bed might just be my favorite or the pair of cream chairs....love them!

SabinePsynopsis said...

Would definitely go for the black sofa and the chairs. Ah, yes, the bed, too, please!

C said...

HI sweetie!
I just posted some small thing in my blog for you :)
Hope you like it!!!

Have a wonderful weekend,


EmbodyingFashion said...

Great imaginary dream home im so in love with that big white bed and wood topped coffee table. Amazing blog :)

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