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I absolutely adore stumbling upon new and wonderful blogs, and recently, I came across Swedish design outpost Emmas Blogg. (the two "g's" isn't a typo...) She features beautifully stark and extremely tasteful interiors, and focuses on "interior design from a Scandinavian perspective." Sounds good, right?

Miss Emma turned me on to another wonderful Emma; stylist and art director Emma Thomas who brings her intriguing aesthetic to the likes of Elle Decoration, Marie Claire, and Harrods. Scroll on for a small taste of her stunning work...


M.Kate said...

Very simple and yet beautiful, tks for sharing :)

scrapbook said...

Katherine - thanks for sharing your discovery! i have to admit that I rarely came across interior styles that i just felt so personally connected - sometimes, they were too minimal, too baroque, too luxury, toooo.... but, judging from the pics your posted here, i have to say that her taste is so eclectically refreshing .... i am hoping to her blog now :D!

btw: new york doesn't change much, right?? xx

Tee Sea said...

love the poster in the second pic

check out my blogs :)

MaryBeth Hughes said...

i love emmas blogg! it's been some time since i visited and your reminded me of it -- thanks! love the stuff you've got here. i am following you now so i will be back. :)

Anonymous said...

I've been looking all over for this!


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