king of the castle

I must admit, I've always wanted to have a big medieval pile somewhere in Europe to call my own. Actor Jeremy Irons (brilliant, isn't he?) has just that, lucky man. He purchased the 16th century Kilcoe castle in County Cork, Ireland several years back, and proceeding to cause a stir when he renovated the fortress and painted the exterior bright orange. I personally, think it's brilliant.


C said...

LOVE IT !!!!
And providing the weather in Ireland, bright orange looks like brilliant idea to me too!

PS: love the boat too. I could take the whole set :)

Jill said...

Personally, I would have to agree with you!

Remember when Madonna painted a house in CA, pink...I think that's right. There was quite an uproar.

Katherine Lee said...

isn't it awesome? i just love it. thanks for the comments ladies!

xo katherine aka. urban flea :)

C said...

Hey katherine!
Just uploaded the pics of my own office (have in mind our apartment is really small), check it out and let me know what you think.
Happy new year guapa!

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