interior inspiration: copenhagen apartment

Oh Living Etc. Why must you constantly taunt me with your gorgeousness? Grr. Check out this beautiful apartment in Copenhagen; it's definitely waiting for me to move in.

Yet another perfect workspace. You all may have noticed I have a bit of an obsession with home offices... I think this may stem from the fact I basically work out of a hovel tucked away in my bedroom, and I'm constantly daydreaming of having a big, fabulous space to call my own. Le sigh.

The bedroom, oh the bedroom... I've always tried to explain my dream bed to people, and can never seem to get a good grasp on the necessary vocabulary. So I think for now, I'll just carry this picture around with me and show it. Good idea?

Images via. Living Etc.


Jill said...

Is that a tribal necklace in the window? Love it...as well as the "dik dik"...animal thingy!

ashlina said...

hello. i love your blog...and i really agree with the living etc comment you made....
the covers are irrisistable..arg!


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