Interior Inspiration/ Blog Love: 40 Winks Hotel via. Alkemie

British interior designer David Carter has long been an inspiration of mine, and design blog Alkemie has also been a huge inspiration in terms of blog aesthetics. So when the two came together, I was naturally thrilled! Alkemie introduced me to Carter's newest project the 40 Winks Hotel. Situated in the trendy East London, Carter has transformed two of his barely used guestrooms into gorgeous pied a terre's for visitors craving a totally unique hotel experience. From the stunning gilded bathroom to the "opium chic" living area, I think you'll find that your jaw will drop no matter what the space. Mine certainly did!


The Townhouselady said...

Oh man this is fab. I'd love to stay here.

Your House and Life said...

What a fabulous vibe.

Alkemie said...

Isn't his place fabulous? Thanks for the shout out.

Karen O.

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