Designer Love: Kate Hume

Lately I've been stumbling across designers that I feel like I should have known about when I was working at Domino, but somehow that knowledge fell through the cracks during my tenure there. I recently bumped into the beautiful work of Dutch designer Kate Hume. She's quite the international gal, with clients in Moscow, Prague, France, and the Netherlands. I would qualify her style as "eclectic-monastic" if that makes any sense. (Have you noticed I'm a fan of describing aesthetics with two words i.e. 'Urban Flea'?) As if her roster of clients all over the world wasn't enough, she is an accomplished glassware designer as well as a partner in Birdman Furniture. Phew! Scroll on to check out some of my favorite spaces...

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Jennifer Ramos said...

I like Kate HUME....gorgeous work.
Jen Ramos
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