Daily Low: A&G Merch

When I used to work at Domino Magazine (sniffle sniffle) we were constantly using Brooklyn based home furnishings outpost A & G Merch. They always seemed to have what we weren't able to find anywhere else. And they're super affordable to boot!

Bluebird Plate Set $12

Cue Ball Calendar $12

Diamond Paperweight $29

J Chair $369

King Louis XIV Tea Towel $12

Miss Ida Desk $289

Red Crystal Chandelier $799

Sally Stool $54

Stag Shaker Set $30

To Do To Don't $15

Tonky Candelabra $49


The Townhouselady said...

Oooooooo....I want those Blue Bird Plates!!

Urban Flea said...

I know, aren't they lovely? And soooo inexpensive, which of course I love! Thanks again for the lovely comments my lovely Townhouse Lady!
Katherine aka. Urban Flea :)

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