Shopper: Repro Depot

Reprodepot Fabrics is an excellent online source for hard to find vintage fabrics, as well as Japanese imports and Marimekko. They carry some of the most adorable patterns I've ever seen, and have quite a large selection of children's fabrics as well. They also carry cute little buttons, trims and gifts. So check it out and bust out your inner seamstress!

Marimekko Kukkura $21/yd.

Aunt Grace Scattered Flowers $5.95/yd.

Yugyoky Wild Garden $7.50/yd.

Pear Tree $7.95/yd.

Kei Tamari $6.95/yd.

Big Leaves and Trees $7.50/yd.

1 comment:

mary said...

Thanks for the tip - this looks great. Having relocated from the LA area(where I would pop up to the mart for day) to the Middle of Nowhere, WI..I need these sites.

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