Etsy Find: Sharon Montrose Photography

Photographer Sharon Montrose takes the most unique and starkly beautiful pictures of a menagerie of animals. I'd love to have a small grouping on a hallway wall. How adorable is that wee little baby deer! Definitely swing by her etsy shop and check it out!
Silkie Chicken No.2, 7x8

Macaw, 7x9

Owl, 7x8

Sheep, 7x8

Baby Deer, 7x8


Rachel Lee said...

hi, i'm new to your blog and i really enjoy all the pics of cool things. like these photos! they're amazing -- thanks for posting!

hazel said...

She is definately one of my faves!

Peacock Feathers said...

Oh how I love Sharon Montrose's photos! I have two of her goats in my hallway. But that macaw is amazing!

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