Editorial Inspiration: Canadian House and Garden

One of my favorite blogs Alkemie recently featured a wonderful interior story from Canadian House & Garden, which besides the British version is sadly the only one left. I nearly fell off my chair when I came across her post. This is definitely one of my favorite interiors I've seen in awhile!

All I have to say about this bedroom is that the rug truly makes my heart go boom. And that wee little yellow side table... I melt!

Next chance I get, I am definitely trying out that amazing gray striped paint job. I think it would make anyone feel like they were in Alice in Wonderland. (in the least overwhelming way possible...)

Behold, my dream kitchen! I adore those exposed shelves, it really gives you a chance to show off your lovely dishes. And a yellow TV, yummy!

I just love how they manage to make even the brightest and most vibrant colors, like yellow and purple, seem more neutral. And isn't that the comfiest couch you've ever seen?


Dumbwit Tellher ♥ said...

I agree..these rooms are fabulous. Edgy modern without being too cliche'. Love the stripes, & love the yellow t.v. in the kitchen. What the heck, love it all!

Erin at Bourdon Design said...

Fantastic photos! Thanks for the magazine recommendation!

Katherine Lee said...

So glad to share with you! Most of the credit has to go to Alkemie for finding these. Thanks so much for the comments!
xo Katherine aka. Urban Flea :)

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