Daily High: Horne

California couple Ryan Walker and Alyssa Parker started the shop Horne to bring the "most beautiful items they can find." Sounds like a plan to me. Here's Horne's mission in their own words:
"Our promise is to only offer items that we think are truly wonderful. We try to counter the 'buy disposable' mentality by selling pieces that you will cherish for years and years to come. Each item is truly a special treasure - something to hold and love but also use and enjoy. We hope you find as much happiness in our boutique as we do."

Teardrop Vase- Urbana Design $110

Signe Tealight Holder- Karin Eriksson $32

Symmetry Pillow- Sandor Collection $89

Signal Desk Lamp- Jielde $425

Orbit Chandelier- Patrick Townsend $330

FATA & FATINA Table Lamp- Michelle de Lucchi $412.25

Aquamiki Suspension Lamp- Michelle de Lucchi $565.25 (sale)

Acqua Tinta Suspension Lamp- Michelle de Lucchi $510 (sale)

Mad Hatter Bowls- Jorine Oosterhoff $725

Gold Bottom Dish- Up in the Air Somewhere $34

Bone China Spoon Set- Caroline Swift $74

Bird Bowl- Cole & Waito $58

1 comment:

The TownhouseLady said...

I'm really liking the mad hatter bowls and the bone china spoon set.

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