Artist Love: JKL Design

Fellow blogger Leigh of JKL Design
has quickly become one of my favorite artists. Her gorgeous paintings typically depict lovely and intriguing females, ones you feel like you need to create a back story for. Her photography is equally as stunning, and even in their beauty retain a certain stark melancholy that is lovely to behold. Make sure to visit her etsy shop and pick up one (or several) of her prints! Viva Leigh!

Behind Her Red Smile $23

Face Hunter Series 13 $23

Fortuity Art Print $23

Light Photography Print $23

Push Art Print $23

Silence and Noise Photography Print $23

Something About Art Print $23

SP08 N2 Photographic Print $23

Untitled Art Print $23


down and out chic said...

thanks for the link, these are awesome and i'm going to have to check out her site.

Katherine Lee said...

glad to be of service. she's super sweet and obviously incredibly talented, so i'm more than happy to spread the word! thanks for the comment lady!
xo Katherine aka. Urban Flea :)

The TownhouseLady said...

These are fab. I'm a big fan of art particularly those that have a illustrative quality to them. I'm checking out Etsy right after I post this.

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