Artist Love: Becky Yazdan

Brooklyn-based artist Becky Yazdan paints the most intuitively abstract images, and sketches from her gut. I love how she is able to somehow use colors that are both muted and vibrant... such a unique gift. In her artist's statement, she quotes the Edo-era Japanese poet Matsuo Basho:

"The secret of poetry lies in treading the middle path between the reality and the vacuity of the world."
Urban Flea says... amen!

20 Cubic Yards of Soil, gouache and pencil on paper, 10" x 7", 2007

10 Miles to Waterville, gouache and pencil on paper, 7" x 10", 2007

On the Lawn, oil on linen, 13"x11", 2008

Lighthouse, oil on clayboard, 18"x14", 2008

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