1st Dibs Finds: Mantiques Modern

As you all know, 1st Dibs is one of my first loves; I adore trolling through the dealers drooling over things I could never possibly afford. It's like a virtual museum filled with inspiring knick knacks. One of my new favorites is Mantiques Modern. They have a wonderful range of deco, machine-age and mod pieces that are diverse while still having a cohesive aesthetic. Do you have any favorite dealers Urban Flea should know about?

1960s Smoked Lucite Portable Bar
So so so mod! I'd probably use it as storage instead of a wet bar. Austin Powers anyone?

Multi-Tiered Steel and Glass Shelves
These would stand on their own in a big lofty space. I love their simple grace, and storage potential!

Super 70s Burlwood Dresser
The black inlay kind of reminds me of the Nike swoosh logo, but even though I'm not a sports gal, I adore this particular swoosh.

Gucci Side Table
I just love the updated TV-tray feel of this table. Can you imagine how luxe you'd feel eating a TV dinner off this?

Industrial Console Table
I'm a big sucker for sticking super-industrial pieces in more comfy cozy spaces, and I think this would be a perfect addition.

Dresser Made of 19th Century Flooring
Don't you think this is a genius piece? It's just folksy enough to be charming without going overboard.

Polished Aluminum and Glass WWII Binoculars
I pretty much love anything on a tripod, especially these! I wonder if they actually work...

Early 20th Century Blacksmith's Swage Block
Blacksmiths would press heated metal through the shapes to make various objects. I, however, would put a piece of glass on top for a slammin' coffee table!

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