Downtown Chic and Sixx Design

I officially have a new favorite book; the new Rizzoli publication "Downtown Chic". Co-written by dynamic design duo (and husband and wife!) Robert and Cortney Novogratz of world-renowned NYC-based Sixx Design, the book shows how to take your "wreck" to "ravishing." They have even taken on the renovation of an entire NYC block! How's that for an extreme makeover? Their signature mix of high and low, new and old, all done with luxury and impeccable taste is right at home here at Urban Flea! Here's some of my favorite projects of theirs:
Here's the lovely couple with their six children outside of their Soho home... get where they got the name? Six... Sixx... get it? So adorable!

What a dream space! That cathedral window is amazing, and I think it's a great example of their new/old aesthetic. Love!

Anyone who uses so much gallery-style hanging is ab fab in my book!

How versatile are these two? I love the woodsy-mod feel of this room, and those salvaged wine racks are to die for!

Such a beautiful airy space, once again, white with pops of color. I love how they are able to render white such a cozy color... or is that non-color?

I adore the plush red staricase and the gallery-style hangings. I know recently there's been a trend with this kind of pictorial arrangement, but I think it's simply classic yet modern at the same time.

One of my favorite aesthetic choices is using accessories instead of paint and wallcoverings to liven up a space. The pairing of the blue armchairs with the gorgeous yellow painting in the background is nothing short of delicious.

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