Welcome to Urban Flea, where the highs and lows of the design world come together in glorious harmony! I believe that design is design is design, whether it be a Roche Bobois settee or a Target bedside console. H&M or D&G, it's all great design. I pledge to bring you, dear readers, the best of both worlds, and hopefully, ultimately, inspire you. Read on!

Urban Flea? (you ask) Well, in my relentless quest for a catchy blog title, I drew on my deeply-seated love of flea markets, that jumble of found treasures and treasured junk, as well as the fact that I am indeed a dedicated urbanite. The city, just like the flea market, brings together an unlikely cast of characters, that when fused, form a brilliant cacophony of colors, textures, smells and sounds.

And just remember, dear readers, design is design is design. So go ahead, read on and bring out your own urban flea!

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