Kara Mann is an up and coming Chicago interior designer/ decorator who recently opened her very own, very hip showroom in the River North district. She has a fab punky glam aesthetic that she applies in subtle ways to each residential project she takes on. I was lucky enough to stop by her showroom this weekend, and as soon as I saw the matte black floors, walls, and even ceiling, as well as the stuffed albino peacock that greeted my by the door, I was hooked! Her style is remarkably versatile, and her showroom is a veritable jewel box, featuring grafitti-ed Louis XIV chairs, sexy Casamidy pieces, as well as Safavieh rugs, and stunning antique finds. She blends all of these together to form a truly unique vision of quirky luxury. I think she is absolutely one to watch, part of the next generation of design taste makers. Put, she herself is smokin'!

Kara and some shots of her gallery, taken from the New York Times.

Absolutely adorable "girl's lounge" featuring on of my favorites: gallery wall hangings.

A shot of Kara's own Chicago penthouse. The wallpaper is sooo glam, and somehow she manages to make even a classic floral pattern endlessly fascinating and even a little bit edgy.

Check out this Kara Man feature on Apartment Therapy (my favorite design site!):

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