Weekly Etsy Fix: Ceramics

Etsy is a remarkable website featuring handmade items from independent vendors located all over the globe. I thought it would be appropriate to cover here on urbanfleadesign.com, as it's really a cyber-flea market. Every week, I'll post a bunch of themed www.etsy.com finds for you to enjoy. There are a ton of incredible ceramic pieces on the site, and I thought I'd share some of my newest discoveries with you, dear reader. Scroll on for pure ceramic bliss:

Yoga Goat Porcelain Fortune Cookies

Whitney Smith Pair of Cakestands

Up in the Air Somewhere Gold Vessel

Studio Otto Just He/ Just She mini bowls

Sara Paloma Small Bird Vase

Paloma's Nest Large "Fly" Earthenware text bowl style="display:block; margin:0px auto

Nomad Clayworks Regal Blue Teapot

New Moon Studio Small Floral Red Vase

Nettie Locke Rogers Large Calla Lily Vases

Mary Mee Dark Grey Curved Bottle

Mary Everett Limited Edition Red Squared Teapot set

Marc Mancuso Chartreuse Cow Ceramic Vase

Loves Gas Station Mug

Kim Westad Curvy Vase with Green Accent

Jennie the Potter Sewing Mug

Dragoncat Studio Tall Sherlock Holmes Teapot

Element Clay Studio 3-D textured wall tiles

Alina Hayes Porcelain Robins Egg Trio

Oh Etsy, you're truly a wonder.


Alina Hayes said...

It's so nice to be surrounded with artists I admire. :) You've made my day, these are some of my favorite ceramic sellers on Etsy. Trully remarkable works. Thanks for keeping an eye out.

Katherine said...

Yay! I'm so glad you're pleased with the post! Your work is incredible, I'm such a huge fan, and am trying to decide what buy from you! In the meantime, check out my new myspace page at www.myspace.com/blokette. Keep on spreading the urban flea gospel!
xo Katherine aka. Urban Flea

Studiotto said...

I2m very happy to see all ceramics designers all together...Thank you so much it's a great website

I've added my blog too

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