Weekly Contest!

Each week, I will have a contest for submissions on a particular design subject. This is your chance, dear readers, for blogosphere fame and fortune! (Ok, maybe not fortune, but still...) This week, send me your pictures of... drum roll please... BOOKSHELVES! Yes, bookshelves! Exciting, isn't it? Email me your pics of your literary display units, whether they be colorful, painstakingly organized, eclectic, messy, whatever! If you think they've got what it takes, send em' on in! The winners and runners up will be posted right here on Urban Flea at the end of the week! Ready, steady, GO!!!


Mary T. said...

Cool idea -- will link to this. Wait, will I be disqualified from entering? ; ) -- Mary T.

Katherine said...

hi mary! nope! you can definitely submit! thanks so much for the link, and keep spreading the urban flea gospel!

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