Thematics: Mexican Folk Art

I've always had an affinity for Mexican Art; it's vibrancy, it's celebration of both life and death, and it's consistently handmade look. One of my ultimate inspirations has always been Frida Kahlo, and introspective genius that took the art world by storm. So scroll on, dear readers, and check out some of my inspirations for this week's thematic:

And now my lovelies, check out some gorgeous merchandise you can get to bring out your own inner Frida:
Tres Amigos Painted Cabinet $599

Far Flung Arts Seguro Espiritual Wall Votive $245

Frida Self Portrait in Green $54

Vivre Casamidy Hacienda Headboard $3,250

El Diable Loteria Card $27

Casa Mexicana Lacquered Picture on Painted Wood Cross $24


All Things Bright and Beautiful... said...

Then I know you'll probably enjoy this :-)


Select Fashion


Tribute to Frieda Vogue italy

Hugs Felicity

Sorry I'd give you the exact link but it doesn't have one

Incagirl said...

Love this post!

Katherine said...

thank you so much my lovelies! i love it too! thanks for the tip!

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