Style Icon: Vanessa Paradis

Otherwise known as Mrs. Johnny Depp, Vanessa Paradis is a celebrity in her own right. SShe's the Madonna of her native France, and is a famous singer, actress, and model, and has been the a face of Chanel since she was a teen. Her unique glamorous bohemian sense of style sets her apart from her contemporaries. So, dear readers, check her out, and get inspired. La vie est belle!


Anonymous said...

She looks like a gap-toothed woman... if that's the case, hurrah!

Over here in America, strangers often tell me that the "unsightly gap" between my front teeth can be fixed. Dentists and dental techs are also always at pains to point that out to me.

I like my gap teeth. They make my smile my own unique smile. I love it when I see women who also love theirs.

Katherine said...

She is indeed a proud gap-toothed woman, and I think she's the most gorgeous woman on the planet! Keep on loving yourself, and spreading that sweet Urban Flea gospel!
xo Katherine aka. Urban Flea :)

Nicole said...

I love Vanessa! One of my favourite singers and people in general. I think she's just the most gorgeous woman! :)

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