Show and Tell: Pattern Newcomers

As you will quickly learn, I have a certain obsession with patterns of all forms, mainly textiles and wallpaper. I will attempt to do a quick round-up each week of patterns I'm particularly enamored with. So, dear readers, I submit the following for your viewing pleasure:

From Rubie Green, a brand-spanking new eco-friendly textile company. She makes clean and simple textiles that brim with taste and a little bit of quirk, plus, the green factor makes it all pretty much guilt-free:

(image taken from www.rubiegreen.com)

AMAZING new textile company that's already received a ton of coverage, Of the Young and the Restless, (they've already been featured on the design blog giant, Design Sponge. They make some of the most innovative textiles I've seen in a long time, many of which are good enough to put in a frame and slap on your most prominent wall:

(image taken from Design Sponge Online)

Also a fairly new company, twenty2 makes adorable textiles and wallpaper, my favorite of which is called "Peekaboo" the color shown below is "tux." I love how it creates the very real illusion of having your very own interior lattice work:

(image taken from www.twenty2.net)

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MABELLE said...

Thanks so much lady! I appreciate your writeup and coverage ;) Great blog!

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