Shopper: Shine Home

I've always had a soft spot for Shine Home. They have a clear vision and execute it with perfection time and time again. So scroll on, dear readers, for a lovely smattering of aesthetic bliss:
Gilt Gold Belmont Lamp $550.00

Jet Black Cannes Media Cabinet $2,485.00

Citrine Lamp $395.00

Prague Side Table $785.00


Alkemie said...

Thanks for coming by! That Citrine Lamp is WILD and I Love it! Great post!

TonicHome said...

So glad to have found you! Love your blog - has a fresh look and is easy to read.

Shine is a great company that is always surprising us with creative designs. Love that lamp for sure!

Urban Flea said...

Thank you so much guys! I'm super flattered!

melissa@yummygoods said...

that citrine lamp is killin' me.

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