The Semantics of Botanics

Nicolette Owen is a fresh new floral designers who uses her manifold visual gifts to create unique and wildly poetic flower arrangement. Whether it be a large cascading bouquet for a dinner party, or a small yet rustic corsage, Nicolette enfuses her work with a powerful delicacy that really makes a statement. To contact Nicolette and get more info, check out her website! This florist is definitely one to watch!


Bayou Contessa said...

This is a beautiful post and I'm enjoying my first visit to your gorgeous blog. Welcome to the blogosphere! I'm looking forward to reading more from you. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Urban Flea said...

Thanks so much Julie! I'm beyond flattered!

LondonCalling said...

Gorgeous! Love you're new blog.

Katherine said...

thanks so much londoncalling! keep on reading and spread the Urban Flea Gospel!
xo Katherine aka. Urban Flea :-)

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