Photogs: Guillaume de Laubier and Robert Polidori

My good friend over at Desire to Inspire introduced me to the work of two thrilling and unique photographers, Guillame de Laubier, and Robert Polidori. They are supremely talented artists, and capture not only the rare beauty of interiors, but their essential souls as well, infusing their images with an exquisite melancholy unique to their bodies of work. I am so inspired by these two talents, and I hope, dear readers, you will be too. So scroll on for yet another highly pleasant assault on your eyeballs:

Guillame de Laubier

Robert Polidori


Zololkis said...

See Please Here

Incagirl said...

I really like your blog and your style, it seems kindred to mine. Good work. I'll be coming back.

Incagirl said...
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Carolina Eclectic said...

Hi Katherine! LOVE your blog. Thanks for adding me to your blog link, and I would love to add you to mine. Anyway, any girl who likes Frida Kahlo is o.k. in my book :)

Urban Flea said...

Thank you soooo much everybody for the kind words! Keep spreading the urban flea gospel!
xo Katherine aka. Urban Flea :-)

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