Item du Jour: Take-Out Menu Organizer

The fabulous sister site of Delightful Blogs, called Delight features this awesome Take Out Menu Organizer. If you, like me, dear readers, just toss all your take out menus on your coffee table, then you'll LOVE this item. Not only is it functional, it's super-cute and bright pink! Ch-ch-ch-check it out!


design for mankind. said...

I do love this--- goes well with Life.Doc.

I'd love to link to your site (am in the midst of redesigning the layout, but when my blogroll is up I'll be sure to add you!!!).

Love to you, dear--- congrats on the new blog! :)

Katherine said...

thanks so much!! keep on keeping on, and spread the urban flea gospel!

Cote de Texas said...

Hi - thanks for the comment -

I'd be happy to link you and thank you so much for linking me!

great post - I need one of thsoe take out menus holders!

emily@designsmack said...

Delight has some great finds, and this one's great (some of those takeout flyers are pretty tacky). Thanks for commenting on my blog! Your's looks super! Have a great day ;)

Katherine said...

Thank you so much Emily! Did you add me to your site? I would love it if you did! I also now have a myspace page, www.myspace.com/blokette. Be my friend and I'll be yours!
xo Katherine aka Urban Flea :-)

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