Fixation: Batucada

This french jewelry company makes exquisite eco-friendly jewelry unlike anything I've ever seen. Their pieces are made from eco-rubber that sits directly on top of your skin, almost like a shallow 3D tattoo. A plus: they don't get tangled! Apparently, they are beginning to design some interior decorations! I wait with baited breath...


devlo said...

Love this jeweler's work! Strong, delicate, yet intricate designs.
Nice stuff!

Katherine said...

thanks so much devlo! keep on reading Urban Flea! And hey, you should totally enter the bookshelf contest!
xo Katherine aka. Urban Flea :-)

sian said...

Hi Just to let you know I have just launched a whole new range of Batucada jewellery at www.ellageorgiajewellery.co.uk/batucada
and will ship any where. All our jewellery and accessories are ethically and sustainably sourced. Happy browsing.

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