Daily Lows: Target

As the title of this section implies, I will do a daily feature on the "highs and lows" of the design scene. Basically, I'm putting my idea into practice, putting high and low design items side by side to encourage everyone to realize that truly, design is design is design. So, dear readers, scroll on, and enjoy the pleasant aesthetic assault on your senses:

Target or "Targaaay" as I like to call it, has truly become a design destination, and can satisfy even the snobbiest of aesthetic thrill-seekers with its low-priced high design. Victoria Hagen, the much lauded interior decorator has just launched a diffusion line for the mega-chain, and I'm deeply, madly, and truly in love. Scroll on, dear readers, for the objects of my affection:

I normally think coasters are quite a naff thing to use, but I would proudly display these on any coffee table:

Marina Coaster Set, $9.99

I think cross bases are one of my favorite shapes for a table, and when it's done up in a mod glossy off-white, it's as near to aesthetic bliss as you can get. Throw in the beautiful beautiful low price, and you're set for hours of table-fueled nirvana:

Newport Table in off-white $69.99

I also love my decorative tabletop knic-knaks, and these simple 4ST4/sr=1-6/qid=1208967982/ref=sr_1_6/601-1027651-9484141?ie=UTF8&index=target&rh=k%3Aceramic%20balls&page=1">bar harbor ceramic balls in crisp blue and white are so adorable and versatile, I snapped up 8 at once:

Target has employed many other genius design stars, however, there are some anonymous pieces that are just as brilliant. Exhibit A: this sleek Japanese-style magazine rack. Who knew organizational units could be so darn-tootin' sexy?

Japanese Style Curved Magazine Rack $24.99

I love this red glass base lamp. It's super cheery and quirky, but somehow retains a sense of real sophistication and grace:

Janice Table Lamp $59.99

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