Daily Lows: New IKEA Summer Items!

Now I know what you're thinking; IKEA is way overexposed and doesn't always live up to its hype. But you know what I say? OH WELL! It's chock-full of brilliant design ideas, and cheap as chips. So to all you IKEA-haters, I say, to the dungeons! Sorry, I got carried away. I feel very passionately about good, sleek Swedish design... I'll be silent for now.

Sommar Cushions $7.99 each (I love anything and everything to do with Morocco, and these definitely qualify. Hookah party anyone?)

Skina Lanterns $3.99 (so cute! I can picture lining the edges of a tiny hi-rise balcony for instant modern ambiance)

Salvia Trellis $14.99 for a pack of 9 (these graphic galvanized trellises are so versatile. The design alone makes me want to cover my living room wall with them from floor to ceiling, considering I managed to kill several cacti)

Lavaro Rug $29.99 (what a great way to spice up a long otherwise empty hallway!)

Sommar glasses and pitcher $14.99 (I love the richness of the brown ombre glass, so simple but interesting at the same time. Look out for ombre! It's everywhere this season!)

Hemnes Four Poster Bed $247.00 (I've been coveting this bed for months! It's so classically Scandinavian, and sleeping in it would make me feel like the Queen of Norway! Plus, the bright yellow hue makes me warm)

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