Daily Lows: Flor

Willow in Magenta SALE $17.39 per tile

Tapete in Lemon Ice $15.99 per tile

Amazing Lace in White $11.99 per tile

Straight and Narrow in Gold $10.99 per tile

If you rent an apartment, like I do, and HATE the floors (my last apartment had heinous linoleum tiles that were IMPOSSIBLE to pull up, and probably were made from asbetos!) then Flor is the stuff that dreams are made of! They sell very inexpensive, extremely durable, and extremely adorable carpet tiles. Normally I prickle at the very phrase "wall-to-wall carpeting," but Flor has completely shifted my opinion. You can customize the layout and area of the carpeting, and the tiles simply click in place, so you can be your own contractor! Please, dear readers, check out Flor and reconsider the taboo that is... (insert Jaws theme here...) CARPET!

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