Daily Highs: Timorous Beasties

Thistle Cushion in Red

London Wallpaper in red and cream from the Toile Collection

Thistle Rug in Stone

Imperial Damask Fabric in Blues and Golds from the Studio Collection

Branch Out in Gold and Pink from the Studio Collection

Birdcage Wallpaper from the Superwide Collection

Napoleon Wallpaper in Blue from the Entomology Collection

Timorous Beasties is a fantastic London-based textile and wallpaper design studio know for their slightly quirky and irreverant Toile patterns. When you look closely at the classic Toile, you'll see street scenes of modern day London, complete with vagrants and prostitutes. Gotta love that! They also do more subdued patterns, some of which are digitally printed onto the paper or fabric. How cool is that? Minus, with the strength of the English Pound, you're going to have to drop quite a large chunk of change to own their innovative designs... but hey, it's worth it, right? I certainly think so!


Framboise said...

Hey Katherine,

I will definately add your link to my site..
I can see the Interior influences now!
Thanks for responding and keep up the good work!



aimee said...

hiiyah my name is aimee i am a sinner of dog i love myself !

aimee said...

ohhhhhhh eat me!

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