Daily Highs: Moss

I LOVE Moss. In my fantasy world, I've made millions from my fabulous blogging abilities, and I can furnish my entire home from Anthropologie and Moss. Oh yes, that would be the life, eh? So, dear readers, how about fantasizing right alongside Ms. Urban Flea. Dream on...
Vertical Glitterbox Chandelier (peridot) $49,500

Themes and Variations Wall Plate No. 130 $190

Fertile Garden Stromek Coat Rack $1,230

Pluma Cubic Suspension Lamp $5,750

Mogensen 2-Seat Sofa $19,205

Large Blossom Chandelier in Pink $37,500

I Feltri High Chair with Quilt $4,300

cu29 chair (limited edition of 8) Price Upon Request (uh-oh!)

Cloud Chandelier (16 arms) $27,520

Bolle Bottles (set of 5) $8,240

Battuti Vase in Red $6,720

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

too bad it's a such a crapshoot regarding when, and sometimes whether, u'll finally get your merchandise. moss is not what it once was. rumor has it they're a hair's breadth away from bankruptcy. i wonder if they wish they had been a little less snooty and a lot more customer-oriented when they still had the chance?

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