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Ok, I admit, I'm a bit of a Domino addict! But I couldn't resist on this one. The May issue just came out, and as usual it's chock full of gorgeous and inspiring stories. Julianne Moore is, apparently, also a very talented interior decorator! I'm particularly enamored with her choice of bold yellow long curtains contrasting nicely with the pale gray walls. To you I say, dear readers, long live Domino!
(image property of Domino Magazine/Conde Nast)


House & Life said...

Just came through my door today! Love those yellow curtains. Congratulations on a great, well edited blog. Will be checking in often!

Katherine said...

Thanks again hun! Keep on spreading the Urban Flea Gospel! Check out my myspace space at www.myspace.com/blokette. Thanks again!
xo Katherine aka Urban Flea

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